Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nova #24

I'm not sure what status quo Abnett & Lanning are going for with the quantum bands. From what we see in this issue, Wendell Vaughn can't actually show up and be Quasar as long as Richard Rider is using the Quasar powers. That makes sense, so that when Rider goes back to being Nova, we'll have Quasar returned as a viable character. I like using Vaughn in the advisor role too, since it is so classic for both Quasar and Nova. Quasar always had Eon or Epoch giving him backstory and Rider always had the World Mind, so while the roles are mixed up, all the characters should already be generally used to this status quo. The bulk of the issue follows the swarms of new-Nova centrurions as they attempt to push the Shi'ar off some Kree worlds and re-establish galactic borders. Things are moving along just fine until the Imperial Guard show up, then they proceed to demolish the Nova Corps. Pretty much everyone not killed is captured, and then executed by evil Shi'ar operatives after Gladiator turns his back and leaves the area. Very cool and dramatic stuff that just reinforces Richard Rider's worst fears about the new Corps. There is a great little reveal about the World Mind and Ego leading into the next issue that should make things very interesting moving forward too.

Andrea DeVito's art is excellent. It was great seeing him draw the Imperial Guard, they looked extremely tough and intimidating, and the Novas looked out of their depths even with only 1/2 their faces showing. I will say I'm not sure if I like Richard Rider's Quasar suit though. Maybe I'm just not used to it yet.



And-Ru said...

I think DC's cosmic-verse is much easier to understand than Marvel's. It's shocking how much the Nova corps are a rip off of the Green Lantern Corps but it's easier to understand who the Guardians are supposed to be rather than understand who the eff all the Marvel lot are. I mean, don't they even have 'Entropy' as a villain? That's a bit high falutin' innit?

Timbotron said...

LOL, great point. The Nova Corps is certainly a rip of the GLs, no doubt about it. I'm ok with the Entropy stuff just because I've read all the required Quasar, Squadron Supreme, Guardians back story.