Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dark Reign: Elektra #2

I'm still liking this mini-series focusing on one of my least-favorite characters. By treating Elektra as a force of nature rather than a character, she is much more interesting than I've seen her in the past. She faces off once again against HAMMER, and while we don't get quite the level of bureaucracy-development that I enjoyed so much last time, it is still quite rewarding seeing her slash and blast her way through the organized thugs. Naturally, Norman Osborn is rippin' ticked, so he tasks Bullseye/Hawkeye in taking her in. I loved the idea of "Hawkeye" just throwing his arrows. It's a great way to see Bullseye further perverting the Hawkeye concept in action as well as attitude. Elektra eventually shows up seeking some medical assistance at Nelson & Murdock, but I was less interested seeing how Foggy interacts with a bloody Elektra. Elektra mentions the possible motivation for the contract out on her life, but I don't recognize the two gun-toting kids in the middle of the book, so I'm still in the dark about who wants Elektra dead. I did enjoy the editorial house-cleaning line about how Osborn wants Paladin set aside because he would make a perfect Thunderbolt. I was wondering how an assassin who broke into HAMMER would go from there to being a member of Osborn's secret team.

Clay Mann's art is ok, but he has a habit of shading parts of faces that don't need to be darkened out. I'm wondering if he's covering for faces that might not look as good or something, since he isn't consistent with it. His storytelling is clear enough, but the details need a bit of work. I'd rather see clear storytelling than a book of pinups though, so he is off to a good start.


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