Friday, May 8, 2009

Power Girl #1

I wanted to like this more than I did. I love Power Girl, both for obvious reasons and that I like her as a hard-hitting confident character. Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray are hit-or-miss for me: I loved their Hawkman, but much of their other work has merely been average for me. This issue isn't bad, but it doesn't exactly jump out at me yet either. PG's narration boxes are so long that I almost can't read them. Maybe I'm a simpleton, but that loooong bit of thinking on page 2 made me put the book down for a bit. I do really like the use of Ultra Humanite as the opening villain. His plan makes sense too, since we know he's put himself in the bodies of hotties before, adding in PG's powers would be a huge plus. By having his army of robots attack, supported by psionic attacks he's covering a lot of bases in dealing with PG due to her vulnerability to mental attacks. The flashback format worked well, especially in the interview with the jerk scientist and PG's prediction that he could end up like the Humanite. So the plot is fine (although quite simple at this point) and the dialogue is decent, but I wasn't grabbed overall. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep getting this on an ongoing basis, but my affection for the lead character will bring me back for the next issue at least.

Amanda Connor does a great job on the little details. PG's civilian interactions seem really "normal" but are still presented in an interesting way. Connor does a nice job on the super-heroics too, the casual way that PG tosses around the mass destruction is pretty fun. The robots are a little too Big Daddy-ish for me, has someone been playing BioShock?


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