Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Deadpool #9

This was a pretty fun issue. Daniel Way does a good job mixing in some old elements of the Deadpool story into his ongoing face-off with the Thunderbolts. While DP starts to fall head over heels for Black Widow II, we see why he likes her so much, he sees her as Death, his old lady-love. It makes sense and it is a great call back to the old Joe Kelly DP run in the 90s. Way uses more old DP continuity when we find out how DP is able to be 2 places at once during this story: he's got his buddy the Taskmaster running around in a DP costume too. No wonder the Tbolts are having a hard time keeping up with these two. I really didn't see Taskmaster coming, so it is a pretty fun direction to take the story in. I'm also enjoying DP's access to the teleporting technology again. It might be overdone fairly quickly, but I'm liking DP popping around wherever he likes at the moment. The most shocking thing about this crossover for me is that I'm actually enjoying the Deadpool chapters more than the Thunderbolts one. We do get some nice character time with Black Widow II in this, I'm really not sure if she's drawn to DP at all, or if she's just setting him up. Nicely done.

Paco Medina's art is still too cartoony for me. I don't care for his take on Paladin at all, and Taskmaster's skull looked off a bit too. But he does a good job on DP himself and the action is clear and easy to follow.


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