Monday, May 18, 2009

Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape #1

Well, this was kind of a load of hot nonsense, wasn't it? I have never seen The Prisoner, which I understand this story is supposed to be based on, so maybe I'm missing the point. But when I read this I found there was a lot of nonsensical art, no real forward narrative, and odd characterization. In fact, based on part one, I fear this is going to do damage to the characters involved (like Amanda Waller and Cameron Chase). I had been kind of excited to read this book since the Electric City location mentioned in the previews sounded like it could be neat. I like the idea of a secret prison. But in an attempt to be mind-bending, the art just ends up with a lot of swirling unrelated images. I, of course, like the inclusion of OMAC pleasure bots, but when that is the highlight of an issue? That's not going to cut it with me. The heavy handed narration is kind of tough to read too. "Tom Tresser is awake." It is like it wants to be noir, but instead jumps over to pretentious. I'm not sure I've read enough of Ivan Brandon's work to really know if this is his baby or if it is from editorial, but this wasn't so hot.

Marco Rudy's art is confusing. The psychadelic pages are so out there I find myself having a hard time figuring out what's happening. His figure work on the actual cast is fine, but I really found myself lost in the storytelling. I'll be sitting out the rest of this one.


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Bender said...

Good review. I don't know how you were able to keep that review fairly nice. I would of been way harsher. I didn't even find it worth shredding up to use as toilet paper. How could such an interesting idea and possibly great concept come out so bland? This could have been a very suspenseful story, yet the first issue fails to even keep the reader intrigued. Huge disappointment.