Sunday, May 3, 2009

GI Joe #4

Chuck Dixon is giving old Joe fans a lot to like in this relaunch. The Joes featured or introduced in this issue are as follows: Scarlett, Duke, Beach Head, Dusty, Braincase (or whatever), Crank Case, Heavy Metal, Tunnel Rat, Bazooka, and Barbeque. For an old school fan like me, just spotting folks is 1/2 the fun of these issues, but the story moves along quickly enough to give everyone a chance to do something. Destro's robots are still tearing up the pit and the Joes are running out of options in dealing with them. There are two war-bots left and the data-stealing one trying to get out of the Pit. Tunnel Rat heads into the vents to chase down the data-bot, but it is tougher than advertised.Things escalate as two AWE Strikers full of Joes have to head out to the surface to try and catch the bot before it transmits its info back to Destro. Dixon mixes the action and the one-liners enough to make this seem like a strong action movie. In particular, I'm really digging the friendship between Duke and Beach Head, it is a buddy situation I don't think Hama used much in the old series.

Robert Atkins art looks polished enough, even if this faces are occasionally still a little odd. I really like how he's mixing in classic elements of the costumes (like Bazooka having a patch with his jersey # on it) but still keeping things military looking. And having one of my favorite Joe-vehicles, the AWE Striker showing up was enjoyable too.


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