Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost Season 5 Finale

I'm going to step out of just comic reviews for a moment and talk LOST (because everyone else is). Ramblings and spoilers ahead so be warned!

So after a full day of thinking, I'm back to trusting the LOST writers. Last night's season finale could be an A or an F depending on where they go from here, but for now it is a B.

I loved the reveals about Jacob and his opposite (who everyone is calling Esau, Jacob's Biblical twin brother). What fascinates me the most is wondering just who has been leaving notes and bossing around Richard and Ben for the entire length of the show. Has Esau been in the cabin impersonating Jacob? Who is good and who is bad here? The easy answer is to put the guy in the white shirt as the good guy, but I've got to figure things are never that simple on LOST. Jacob showed up in the Losties' lives at times that kept them on some destructive paths (Kate and Sawyer especially, Sayid possibly). I'm not sure I can totally label him as good at this point. The next Jacob question is just what was that Egyptian statue? I'm going with Sobek, Egyptian god of creation and fertility. As comic nerds, we are all justifiably concerned at just how hungry Sobek is. Things could get ugly!

Locke's transformation makes a lot more sense to me now than it did before. I had really not liked him ever since his "death" and it was actually making me like the show a bit less. Without his whole "Man of Faith" thing going, Locke just wasn't as interesting. Hell, how can he need faith when he knows that he's right? It turns out we were all swerved. What is fantastic about this is it keeps Terry O'Quinn on the show and gives us what could be a fantastic new villain. Having a loyal Ben as his follower is neat too. It's not actually a change though, since Ben first showed up as a right-hand man to the Big Bad. Just who are Alana and her crew working for though? Obviously Jacob, but does that mean she's got Widmore's backing too? Who does Widmore back in the Esau/Jacob fight? I think Widmore is backing Esau, since he played up the whole "you're so important" thing to the real John Locke. Poor Locke, all this time he wanted to be important and he was just being manipulated into being killed off and replaced by Esau. Smokey clearly has been working for Esau all this time, making many of its actions more questionable too...

I totally dug the main Losties' story in 1977. I've been frustrated for weeks by the split nature of the cast. Everyone is running around with their head cut off. But finally, finally, everyone was on the same page last night. Jack is my favorite, so while I doubt his decisions sometimes, I can't doubt his motivation. He just wants to get the girl people, we can't blame him for that! Plus he turned into a hell of a gunfighter, didn't he? He must have shot 6 or 7 dudes last night, plus he had Sawyer beat until James started cheating!

I'm going to go on record that neither Juliette or Sayid are dead. I'm hoping the white light is merely popping our Losties back to the present, not to the plane or LAX. I trust the writers aren't going to reboot the entire show and render the last 5 years a waste of time. So I'm geared up for a final season choosing sides and facing off. It's time for the Losties to decide if they're with Jacob or with Esau, and which of their philosophies they buy into. I'm also pulling for my wife's theory that Lapidus is meant to be a "candidate" to lead the Others!

As for me, I'm always siding with the Man of Science who wants to make things better. Go Jack (and get the girl too)!


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Mammie said...

I concur that the finale of LOST was awesome. Matter of fact, I would give it an A,not a B. The Jacob/Esau slant is very cool, but unlike my son, I love John Locke, and I am hoping he is NOT dead. As for me, the man of faith always wins out over the man of science!! But I still want Jack to get the girl.

Sawyer and Juliette was tragic, I HOPE she is not dead. Sayid is really messed up, dude, so I think death might be a relief to him!

Hey, where the hell did Jack learn to sharpshoot like a maniac, and how did it not bother him to murder numerous innocent bystanders who were just doing what they were told? That was shocking, to say the least, and I was disappointed in him, despite his passionate belief that he could erase their entire Island experience!

And what is up w/the cool Egyptian statue and where will maniac Faraday end up?