Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Invincible Iron Man #12

I'm enjoying Matt Fraction's tour through the old armors of Iron Man. We get some more action in the Sean Chen-era suit in this issue as IM takes on Namor in an undersea base. Fraction does a great job selling just how powerful Namor is. I think that set of armor is new enough that Stark should have made out ok, but I'm ok with maxing out Namor as an antogonist these days too. Stark ends up having to beat Namor by using his brain and the main export of the surface-world. It's a pretty neat way to see Namor taken out. The issue closes with Stark wearing his fishbowl headed undersea suit. If I get a request, I'm still hoping for lots of Silver Centurion, then how about some Stealth Suit?

The two side-plots get a lot of page time here too, with Maria Hill overwhelmed by the Controller and Pepper Potts taken into custody by HAMMER. I'm really hoping that Hill's story is a setup, I'm pretty convinced she was supposed to be captured she's trying to get plugged in to the Controller's network. He is a creepy villain though, isn't he? Norman Osborn comes off as a real villain in this. He orders a civilian plane shot down just to test out Pepper's capabilities in her armor and then takes advantage of the chaos to arrest her. I'm not sure her capture is a setup. Things might get pretty bad if she's going to the information retrieval department of HAMMER.

Salvador LaRocca's art looks good as always, in particular his take on Namor. I'm not a fan of Pepper's new armor though, that head is very oddly shaped...


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