Friday, May 22, 2009

Titans #13

Oof. I know this is a middle chapter of a crossover, but it sure seems pretty easy to kill a lot of Titans, doesn't it? Jericho's master plan comes together in this one. His goal all along has been to blow up a restaurant after luring the Titans inside. His neat escape plan involves leaping out of his current possessed body to a distant one he's rigged up to be ready and waiting in a nearby building. That's a neat plan that only this character could do, and it is the highlight of the issue.

I don't see how Jericho is anywhere near redeemable at this point. He's killed so many innocent bystanders that there is no way Sean McKeever can expect us to have any doubt in dealing with this guy. The Titans need to take Jericho out, and I won't be disappointed if Vigilante puts him down for good. Again, another problem is how easily the Titans were taken out. I mean, the Flash is in this group! He should wrap this up by himself! I also question the inteligence of bringing a de-powered Kid Devil to a hostage situation. I do like the tease of Cyborg being the guy to take out Jericho, but I think it is more likely that Cyborg is the Titan who will die (as hinted about in upcoming solicits).

Angel Unzueta's art is fine, but is a step down from Joe Bennett's tight pencils. I found the art really confusing when the "mental" Titans show up to torment Jericho. I actually thought the characters were appearing in the room, I had to re-read the scene to figure out that they were hallucinations.


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