Thursday, May 14, 2009

Secret Six #9

What a great issue. This is another done-in-one, but this time we focus on the other three members of the team: Bane, Catman, and Ragdoll. Since Bane is one of my favorite villains, I absolutely loved the spotlight he gets this issue. The Secret Three are out to stop a rash of kidnappings all over Gotham, since Batman is dead and can't do it himself. The central premise is that both Bane and Catman respected Bats so much that they are going to help protect his city for them, and of course since Bane has his twisted sense of honor, protecting children fits nicely into that too. There are some fabulous moments in the story. Bane rescues one girl and tries to sing to her to comfort her, making him even more terrifying. Another great part of the chemistry between the Six is how they mock each other's good tendencies. I loved how none of the leads could stop accusing the others of trying to be the new Batman. Only Ragdoll was comfortable stepping in as the new Robin. Heh. While I liked Ragdoll's combat and normal conversation, sometimes the running gags with him don't do it for me. The random phrases he tests out throughout the issue were ok, but I was much more amused by Bane puzzling out why Catman rhymes with Batman.

Nicola Scott is back on art, and I'm really glad to see it. These are her characters now and they look perfect. I especially loved the wall-climbing homage to the old Batman TV show. Well-played!


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Newmie Newmz said...

This has been a great series and this was a fun issue.

One of my favorite parts was at the end when Catman is ranting about how he is tired of being looked down upon and treated like a common criminal by the heroes, all while he is breaking into and stealing a car.