Monday, June 1, 2009

Justice Society of America #27

Jerry Ordway is one consistent creator. I look at the cover of the newest issue of JSA and was marvel that this guy has been turning out quality work for so many years. I mean, I have his old All-Star Squadrons and his art looks as good now as it did then, plus he's a great writer.

The JSA mansion has been sealed off by Obsidian as he attempts to protect the old-school JSAers from an unidentified threat. I liked the variance between the JSAers in how they reacted, some hoping for the best for Obsidian, but many pretty certain that he has turned bad again (whether it was his fault or not is another debate amongst the team). There are some great bits with Nuklon/Atom Smasher still trying to find his way as a lead-in that works quite well. Eventually the group manages to wear Obsidian down, but not before an odd ghost posseses Star Girl. I enjoyed the use of her caption boxes that didn't match her speech bubbles to show how she wasn't in control, it was a neat effect that made the whole sequence more uncomfortable. I'm also pleased to see the mystery villain turned out to be from the All-Star Squadron days. It was a nice bit of history (for both the team and the creator).

I've long been a fan of Ordway's pencils and I dug them again here. His classic style works well with the venerable JSAers and the "new" blood. I liked his take on Power Girl, Hourman, and Liberty Belle especially.


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