Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wolverine: Revolver #1

Victor Gischler has the advantage of me having absolutely no preconceptions about what this story was about. I figured the front cover was some interpretive art like most Marvel covers, so when I started reading this issue I figured I was getting a normal Wolverine vs. mob story with a Russian mythology twist. That lasted for a few neat pages with Wolvie facing off at roulette against a guy who is clearly not ordinary. As in, he's a huge blue demon. I loved the quick, savage battle of the two slashing, healing brutes, plus it was a lot of fun to see Wolvie outsmarting his opponent. There is not a lot of actual story here, just the roulette, a quick fight, and Wolvie dropping pieces of the monster all over the Southwest. But dang if it wasn't fun. These one shots have been great at establishing Wolvie at the best at what he does, and I'm loving them. Having Wolverine get involved with a favor from a medicine man adds another layer of coolness to Logan, since you know there is some cool backstory there, we just don't get to see it. It's very clear that Logan is a good man to know when "life happens" (as described in Season 1 of The Unit).

Das Pastoras absolutely steals the show with the art. The painted style looks fine, if a tad cartoony in the human-centric sequences, but when the demon appears things look terrific. The demon looks fantastic, scary, and a little bit funny. Pastoras hits things perfectly with the violent confrontation too.


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