Friday, June 26, 2009

Detective Comics #854

I'm getting a strong Starman vibe from this comic. Not only does Kathy Kane dress and sort of act like Jack Knight did at the start of his series, but the art is similar, and both characters seem to benefit from lots of Dad-time in their lives. Kathy having her Dad around and equipping her, as well as advising her, is actually one of my favorite parts of the book. It's a neat dynamic and I like the idea.

The actual plot involves the silly Crime Bible cult and their new leader who is moving to Gotham. I suppose this makes sense since BW was their target back in 52, but I would have been happy if I had never heard about the heart splitting again. That pushes it even for comics. That said, the new leader of the Crime Bible seems pretty spooky. I do like the way Batman popped his head in to give a warning. The way BW carried out her interogation of her perp in the beginning was weird too, she was definitely riling him up to get him to talk. I had planned on passing up this era of Detective, and stick to trades, but as a lover of Starman back in the day, there is a place for an outsider hero like this, so I may keep picking it up.

J.H. Williams has some absolutely beautiful panels, and the art is fantatsic overall. I did think Kathy Kane was a bit more glamorous than she seemed here. As I said above, I really got more of a goth-hipster vibe from her here. That's not a problem, just not something I was expecting.


Question back-up
Greg Rucka and Cully Hamner deliver a fairly generic backup starring the Renee Montoya Question. There is a nice mix of character work and action though, so there is a lot to dig in this. I love the confidence Question carries around all the time, she believes she can handle any situation and is ready to kick butt. It's possible I'm coming around on replacing Vic Sage...


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