Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All-New Savage She-Hulk #3

Ok, Fred Van Lente. After making me angry last issue with how casually Jennifer Walters was taken out of the story, her return this issue makes up for it. As the Sentry calmly describes the take-down of the Savage She-Hulk, Walters emerges from a cab and promptly punches Sentry into the pavement in a great panel. I'm still more interested in seeing this new She-Hulk interact with the modern Marvel U, because I'm not that intrigued by her odd battle of the sexes alternate future. I did enjoy how unimpressed Captain Marvel was with her in their face-off, I found myself agreeing with him that she just wasn't that unique. I still rooted for her to whup up on him, but really, she's better as a new Marvel U character in the present and out of her fairly generic future. I bet if Van Lente was writing a Jennifer Walters She-Hulk book I would love it, but I just can't get into this spawn of Hulk and Thundra deal. Why replace a perfectly good and recognizable character with this oddball alternate future weirdness?

Peter Vale and Michael Ryan bring their "A" game with the art, the book is great looking. The Dark Avengers actually look shiny and heroic, which is a fun way to visualize them in the middle of Dark Reign. That said, the lead character just pales in comparison to the first She-Hulk, which tempers my excitement about the book.


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un_taco said...

Great review and I absolutely echo your sentiments. Bravo!