Monday, June 29, 2009

Guardians of the Galaxy #15

There are a lot of cheer-able moments in this issue of Guardians of the Galaxy. The issue starts off with most of the team caught between the Shi'ar Imperial Guard and some of the Inhuman royal family. I loved how insulted Starlord was that the Inhumans didn't immediately throw in with the Guardians. Lockjaw waking up Cosmo, with Cosmo asking "Are you God?" was a wonderful moment too. The best part about the opening chaos was Crystal tossing away Phyla, showing that Crystal had never been in danger. She's too tough a character to be used as a hostage and DnA showed their comic bonafides with the scene.

After the Inhumans depart, it's down to the Imperial Guard and the Guardians, since the Luminals and other denizens of Knowwhere want nothing to do with the conflict. Things look grim, especially when Starhawk gets free and zaps Starlord, Jack Flagg, Mantis, and Cosmo off to the future. Bug might have been there too, I can't remember. In any case, the remnants of the team go up against the Shi'ar, and then in another great moment, Rocket Racoon returns with his team and they start absolutely whipping up on the Shi'ar. Mentor II has no chance against the angry rodent. There are great bits of dialogue mixed in as always, from Jack Flagg's "For Cleveland!" to another wonderful use of "I am Groot!" This remains one of my favorite comics.

Brad Walker is one of my favorite new pencillers. His figures look great and his faces are expressive. He's one of the best new pencillers I've seen in years.


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