Wednesday, June 24, 2009

War Machine #7

Man, I honestly can't believe how my opinion of this book whiplashes around every month. This was a solidly entertaining issue, and it felt more like an Iron Man spin-off than the rest of the series combined. A lot of that comes from using Ultimo as a villain, but when Rhodes starts putting his tech team in spare suits of armor, now we're talking! I really liked seeing American Eagle again. His blow-off of Norman Osborne was fantastic. I'm also liking that rather than directly connecting to weird looking equipment, the War Machine armor reformed in the middle of an exo-type suit. It looks a lot less silly than having the top half of the armor attached to a tank or plane.

The title is really coming together and there is a lot of potential in the cast. After the Ultimo threat is dealt with, I'll be very curious to see where Rhodey and his crew go from there. The book isn't the best I read each month, but it is good enough.

The art by Allan Jefferson is clean and easy to follow. I think he might actually be a better fit for the title than Leonard Manco, who made everything look too realistic.


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