Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Savage Dragon #149

I've been reading Savage Dragon since issue 1 and yet I barely remember this new Dart and her backstory. I assume she was involved in the series before now, but it didn't make a big impression on me. Erik Larsen spends the issue familiarizing us with Dart and her obsession with being bad (with no real reason given, it seemed). Dart is the mastermind behind kidnapping Dragon's kids and much of the Vicious Circle trouble, but I never really got a major-threat vibe from her. I always liked the original Dart in Freak Force, but she was eaten by Mako, correct? In any case, a dart-throwing gymnast works as a low-powered hero or flunky villain, but not as a big bad.

I did enjoy seeing Daredevil again. It seems he's joining the regular cast, which is a good move. His fun attitude brings some much-needed levity to a book that has been a lot less fun than it used to be. We have gone from the angst-filled missing kids story to some done-in-ones that I don't think are doing enough to set up a new status quo. We do meet a new police captain this issue, but I'd like some clue into the ongoing bad guy or to check in on the She-Dragon subplot. There are no plot elements that make me anxious to read the next issue.
I remain a sucker for Larsen's exaggerated penciling style. He draws bombastic action better than anyone else, and he brings it here. The book looked nice.


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