Sunday, June 28, 2009

X-Men: Endangered Species TPB

Wow. What a depressing comic. Mike Carey, Chris Yost, Christos Gage and others give us a great picture of what the Beast goes through to try and get mutants reinstated into the Marvel U. It is interesting seeing a character's perception of a Marvel editorial edict. While I like the idea that there are only 200 or so mutants (especially since I know most of them) I can see how it would be depressing for the actual mutant population.

I really enjoyed seeing how desperate Beast gets in searching for a cure. He's willing to go hat-in-hand to the worst villains of the Marvel U, and his ongoing partnership with the Dark Beast was a fascinating contrast. The writers do a great job wandering around the world, checking in with Bishop, High Evolutionary, the Guthries, and more. The story also set some nice seeds that I've seen pay off in other titles, like learning more about Mr. Sinister's work in Almagordo and my introduction to Amanda Mueller. I'm really enjoying the depth of the mutant content at Marvel these days, and this was a neat primer for the big stories of the past few years. We don't know a lot more at the end than we did at the beginning, but the journey was appropriately melancholy for this type of thing.

Tom Grummet, Scot Eaton, Mark Bagley and the rest are solid storytellers and I loved seeing their takes on some of the big bads of the mutantverse.


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