Friday, June 19, 2009

Power Girl #2

As the action ramps up, so too does my interest in Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray's story. The first issue had one of my big pet peeves of first issues: the hero battled faceless hordes to look tough (these may be ninjas, robots, or zombies). In general, it is a bad sign if a premiere issue features these generic foes as the main antagonists. Fortunately, Palmiotti and Gray moved things along quickly in the second issue and now we've got the Ultra Humanite causing problems for PG.

Ultra Humanite actually comes across as a pretty credible threat. He's not really scary, just a very effective super-villain. His genius is clearly as much a threat as the strength of his giant ape body. In this series, PG is a sarcastic hero, and it is kind of fun seeing her like this. It was amusing seeing her constantly insulting the Humanite, especially since her barbs were so effective. I never pictured PG as a Spider-Man type jokester, and she's not quite to that level, but she's certainly more likable as this type of character. Things do look grim for our heroine at the end of the issue, but she's tough and the JSA is on the scene, so I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Amanda Conner's art is fun and vibrant, as always. Her take on the JSA is a little cartoonier than I'm used to, but everyone still looks good.


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