Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gotham City Sirens #1

I read Harley Quinn and Catwoman's past solo books, and loved them, so I approached this book with some hope that I would really dig it. However, Catwoman seems to have had a magical heart transplant in a story I didn't read, Harley Quinn talks like the cartoon, and Poison Ivy is a good guy, or close enough. The ladies decide that with Batman gone (or at least the Bats they know) that they should team up. I guess... doesn't really make sense to me, but I did enjoy seeing the 3 of them take on Boneblast, a terribly named new villain. He's definitely not worth much more than this throwaway appearance, with powers, looks, and personality all failing to make a big impression. I'm surprised at how little I was drawn into this, since I've enjoyed a lot of Paul Dini's work in the past. I just don't really see a need for this crew to get together, and other than the neat idea of a super-villan realtor, there wasn't a lot in the premiere issue to bring me back. I liked the idea better when it was called Birds of Prey.

I've never been as enamored of Guillem March's art as most of the internet. While his covers are striking and sexy, I find his interiors a little lacking. The amount of cheesecake is probably the most important factor for this title though, and we do get the three leads prancing around in their tight suits, plus Zatanna taking a bath. A lot of comic book story sure seems to happen with ladies getting dressed or bathing, doesn't it?



Artillery MKV said...

I've seen several team-ups with these three, and I NEVER get it.

Cat-woman is too smart to hang with these two, and dancing the line between villain and hero. Living in that grey world, AND being the kind of criminal/vigilante that plans out everything she does there's exactly zero impetus for her to hang out with Harley.

Poison Ivy as a hero? Sure, I can buy her working to restore the natural areas in Gotham, but she's literally and mentally poisonous. She's a dyed in the wool killer who casually kills any non-plant based life form. Harley, who is both random and destructive would be dead within seconds of annoying Ivy.
And Harley herself would want nothing to do with either of the other two. She'd be looking to get back with Joker, end of story.
This issue seems like transparant cheesecake opportunity. I'm all for cheesecake, but at least TRY to make a real story, sheesh.

Timbotron said...

I can't disagree with anything you said. :)