Wednesday, June 17, 2009

X-Men Forever #1

Well, I tried it. I don't really like the idea of giving creators a chance to divert a 20 year old story like this, and this issue proves my point. I can't really remember exactly what all these characters' status quo is, but they seem off. Jean Grey was never this hot and bothered over Wolverine, was she? I mean, this obviously? She's all over Logan to the point that Shadowcat even notices her going after him. I'll also chime in that naming Gambit "Remy Picard" just seems petty and odd. The most enjoyable aspect of this book was seeing Rogue back with her best power set. She's flying around punching, but still able to absorb too.

Chris Claremont handles the plot and script exactly the way you'd expect: heavy-handedly. He's got his odd little tics of dialogue ("Silly girl - so brave, so stupid.") and he's got characters like Nick Fury acting strangely to fit the plot. I expect there will be some mind-control elements upcoming too, probably from the quick merge caused by Rogue touching Storm. That would set up the Shadow King, allowing some bondage style elements in the next few months, I'm sure. The main problem with this type of material is that it doesn't really matter, and yet it's ongoing. These alternate Earths work best in small doses, where the characters can get a chance to shine, but not really detract or contrast against the mainstream heroes. This ongoing will eventually (probably quickly) become as convoluted as the regular Marvel U, and I don't have the patience to see it happen. I have to ask what everyone else has been saying: who is this book written for?

Tom Grummett nails the artwork. I didn't realize how much I missed these awesome 90s costumes. Jean Grey, Rogue, Cyclops, they all look great. Blue and furry Beast too! However, judging from the upcoming covers, it looks like multiple team members are being toughened up (like Shadowcat's leather jacket and short haircut). Grummett's artwork isn't enough to keep me around.



Mart said...

This isn't a book with any appeal for me, it's not like the original Adjectiveless was any good. Grummett, I like, but he should be drawing the real Kon-El!

Timbotron said...

Heck yeah! Superboy with a leather jacket, silly goggles, and a shaved head. That's the first Superboy I read about!

Mayor McCheeseSteak said...

Loved the art, hated the writing. I just didn't get the point. Who was really demanding this story? I agree that I can't really see how this can be a legitimate ongoing. It's jarring to try to disregard something like 10-15 years of X-Men stories to turn the clock back to an era that while good, wasn't that great.