Thursday, June 18, 2009

Final Crisis: Escape #2

Ok, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. This second issue is filled with the same nonsense and non-plot that made up the first issue. We don't know anything more than we did when we started. Nemesis is still waking up confused and seeing Amada Waller. There are a ton of cameos of DCU spy-types who I hope can escape from this story pretty quickly, because they could be appearing in much better comics than this one. There are still no clues as to who is running Electric City (at least that I can discern). I'm not even sure that anything we've seen is really happening. There is barely a narrative going through the book, so there really isn't anything to recap.

There is a place for this type of story, and I can see what writer Ivan Brandon is going for. I loved A Scanner Darkly, Donnie Darko, Adaptation; all identity-bending stories. But this is just a load of nonsense. After two issues, we should know something. I will not make the mistake of figuring out what is happening. I'm out. I hope all these spies are back to normal in their next DCU appearances.

Marco Rudy's figures are ok, I suppose, but the art is confusing throughout. Are the men being pulled up from the glowing circle supposed to be younger and older versions of Nemesis? I couldn't tell if I should recognize them or what.


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Mayor McCheeseSteak said...

Couldn't agree more. These first two issues really needed to be compressed into one issue. It kind of felt like this was supposed to be channeling some type of weird trippy Morrison "who knows what the heck" is going on type vibe. I don't really like it when better writers try to do that, so it's not really a surprise this didn't work for me.