Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wolverine: Origins #37

Ugh. So the plot of this issue involved Wolverine tracking down Victor Hudson so that he can work him over to determine Romulus' location. Except that Wolverine knows that even Hudson has very little contact with Romulus. In any case, after Wolvie goes whole hog into this mission, it turns out he got played and he will actually just get to fight Omega Red. I just don't get why Daniel Way would spend an issue making his lead look fairly incompetent. Wolverine has made mistake after mistake in the past few months. The only thing Wolvie is right about is that Romulus likes taking the train (which is actually a nice little characteristic). There is no driving impetus to this comic, I never feel like it matters if Wolverine achieves any of his goals.

Doug Braithwaite's art is great at telling clear stories, and I dig how he draws folks with different builds and faces. This doesn't do enough to make the comic any more interesting.


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