Monday, June 15, 2009

Walking Dead #64

The problem with a book that consistently delivers such amazing shocks is that it is easy to overlook issues that don't include them. This issue moves the story along, sets up the new conflicts, and has some nice character moments, but there aren't any huge shakeups. Still a solid issue though.

This issue has a nice interlude as the group is feeling out their new status quo. With so many new folks hanging around, it was nice to have an issue where we just see a bit more of their personalities. Dale continues being out of control and he's totally going with the Rick-hatred (I was amused to see how fast everyone turned on him in the letters column). The creepiest scene was when the hunters showed up to snag Andrea while she went to relieve herself. What's interesting is that the hunters took Dale later in the issue, so maybe it was more about inteligence-gathering rather than just kidnapping? I'll stick with my predictions from the last few issues. The new priest is a scout for the hunters, feeling out this new group and the voyeur-scientist doesn't know anything about the zombies.

Charlie Adlard continues with the solid artwork. I have been noticing how well he handles emotion, I really think you could probably follow this book with no dialogue.


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