Sunday, June 7, 2009

Immortal Iron Fist #26

I'm kind of torn on the conclusion to the 8th City storyline. Duane Swircynski has done a decent job in the last year on this title, but at this point, I'm certainly not loving the book that I'm going to be upset if this really is cancelled. I know there are plans for a limited series with the Immortal Weapons, but that really seems like enough for this incarnation of the character. Iron Fist is a great character, but he may be one of those guys that works better in ensemble stories.

This storyline has had some neat moments, and it is a good thing to have a book so unlike everything else coming out from Marvel. Perhaps the story just went on a bit too long, but I found myself a bit disengaged from the story here. I had really liked it when we first explored the 8th City, but at this point I'm more anxious to see Danny back in his normal life. I think this story has been split up by some fill-ins too, so I think this may just be a case where the story feels like it has gone on too long. There are some nice bits Fat Cobra where he has some fantastic boasts, but there is not a lot for the rest of the Weapons. Davos shows up at the end with a rifle, but after his build up over the last few months, he gives up kind of easily and Iron Fist basically just talks everyone into peacefully resolving their conflict. I don't know if I like having someone named the Steel Serpent using a gun... I would have preferred some kung-fu. The banished convicts of the 8th City seem to be re-integrating into K'un L'un, which sets up a neat new status quo, but it just took a long time to get there.

Travel Foreman's art is muddier than usual. People's bodies were oddly distorted in some of the panels, and at times the energy surrounding Iron Fist seemed blurry and made it hard to discern where he ended and his power begain.


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