Saturday, June 27, 2009

Captain Britain & MI 13 #14

Nicely done, Paul Cornell. Last issue we saw the entire team destroyed by Dracula's vampire hordes, and to make matters worse, the team was betrayed by Spitfire. When last issue ended, Dracula had taken over England and only Blade and Captain Britain were still alive. It seemed awfully brutal, but I figured the series was ending and the two biggest names had survived, so there was a small chance this could be how the series would play out.

It turns out Cornell had a clever out all along. By utilizing a previous villain from the series, he had established powers and motivation that totally work within the story. I loved the reveal sequence where we find out how prepared Pete Wisdom was to take on the vampire boss. Bringing in an awesome, obscure character like Killpower from Marvel UK was a delight too, since I used to read his comic back in high school. Factor in the great developments with Spitfire and Captain Fate, along with Faiza's Dad, and this was a rollicking good comic that straddled the line between rising action and climax, and handled both perfectly. I expected the return of another great Brit before the series ended, and I'm happy to see that happening too. I'm really going to miss this comic. Cornell's protagonists are smart and capable and handle super-villain conflict in the most logical way I think I've ever seen in a comic. Just fantastic.

Leonard Kirk gets some assistance from other pencillers, but it doesn't weaken the book at all. The art gang does a wonderful job maintaining a consistent look to make this a thrilling comic.


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