Wednesday, July 1, 2009

G.I. Joe #6

Chuck Dixon is taking it a bit too slow at this point. We're 6 issues in and we've got very little Cobra involvement and while we essentially got the "origin" of Destro, I would like to see a bit more action. This far in, I want more Joes facing off against more than just robots. It doesn't help that this issue really focuses on Snake Eyes, and while I don't mind SE as part of a squad of Joes, I'm less interested in him than I am in the rest of the team. I will admit to enjoying the fight between Destro and SE though, especially how SE seemed to have Destro back on his heels throughout most of the conflict. There are also some interesting things happening with Hawk cracking down on Scarlet for working with a GI Joe who has gone rogue (Snake Eyes). We all know the two of them are innocent, but I do like the idea that Hawk has to follow the rules and at least talk to Scarlet about it. I'm hoping the next arc will give us a little more full-team action and possibly another Cobra operative.

Robert Atkins' does a nice job drawing the commando-costume for Snake Eyes. I'd love to see his take on the goggles-only original suit (my favorite) or even the blue and silver facemask outfit. I do wish that the troops who take Scarlet into custody had been Law & Order and Mutt or something!


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