Friday, July 31, 2009

Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #3

This is the strongest of the tree Tales of the Corps issues that came out this month. Even with only two stories and some director's commentary, for the first time the stories actually seemed like they added to the characters they were profiling. I'm not sure if that is because Peter Tomasi wrote both stories or if it is because both shorts featured GLs we already know and love. We got the origin of "poozer" in Kilowog's exciting rookie tale and Arisia is transformed from a bimbo to a GL super-fan in her story. I really enjoyed both of these takes that explained the core qualities of these characters as they appear now. I actually enjoyed the director's commentary for Blackest Night #0 too. It is hard not to catch some of Geoff Johns' excitement about Blackest Night when you see him excitedly expand on every panel.

The art was strong in every segment of this issue. Chris Samnee impressed me with his blocky pencils and heavy inks on Kilowog and Mike Mayhew used his photo-realistic art to good effect with Arisia. Ivan Reis' pencils for Blackest Night looked great, but the inks and colors definitely elevated his work to that classic level I was so impressed by in Blackest Night #0.


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