Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday Comics #3

Three issues in and none of the stories are really shaking up my initial rankings. Some of these stories are simply stunning, mostly due to the artwork.

                            • Hawkman, Adam Strange, and Kamandi are definitely the cream of the crop with top notch artwork and fun stories with a unique voice.

                            • I'm enjoying Batman, Metamorpho, The Metal Men, Catwoman & Demon, and Superman quite a bit too, but they read a bit more like old timey comics.

                            • Metamorpho in particular is fun due to the Metamorpho fans and their letter answering.

                            • Green Lantern feels sort of average, but I think that is mostly because it is parallel with one of the strongest Green Lantern stories I've read.

                            • Teen Titans is forgettable and doesn't bring anything unique at this point, although the art is charming.

                            • Supergirl is merely ok, since I can't really see where the story is going, although this strip is by far my 4 year old daughter's favorite. Supergirl, Streaky, and Krypto, what more could she want?

                            • I'm still very disappointed in the Wonder Woman feature, since I can't even really tell what is happening. I'm not even trying to read it at this point.
                            Overall, with this many creators bringing their A games, this book lives up to the hype. This is a neat experiment in comics and I'm glad I decided to experience it according to DC's original vision.


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