Monday, July 27, 2009

Guardians of the Galaxy #16

Hmm. Marvel has this listed as the cover for this issue, but I have one featuring the original Guardians of the Galaxy. Weird.

DnA take a jump into the future this month as the time-lost Guardians (Star-Lord, Jack Flagg, Cosmo, Mantis, and Bug) are popped into the future and stuck on a domed Avengers Mansion that is just floating through space. It seems the original Guardians were stuck there too, and after a brief (and fun) fight, the two teams link up to send a message back to the current Guardians. The impending detonation of Black Bolt's Terrigenesis bomb is the event that causes the universe to start unraveling, leading to this apocalyptic future. Star-Lord and the others decide their best bet is to use the hive-mind of the Celestials to send a message back in time to the rest of the team. This is all less confusing than my summary makes it sound, and DnA spend most of the time with nice character moments like the bonding between Yondu and Mantis and the friendly rivalry and smack talk with Jack Flagg and Charlie-27. I wish Nikki would have been included in the original Guardians line-up. I know she joined later, but she's as well-known as the rest of them now and it would have been nice to see her too.

Wes Craig does a decent job with the art, but I've really become accustomed to Brad Walker's take on the characters. I hope Walker comes back soon, since it seems like this book has had a hard time holding onto a consistent artist.


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