Friday, July 24, 2009

Invincible #64

Hooray! I don't want to spoil this issue, because Kirkman did a masterful job setting up his readers through solicitations, letter columns, upcoming covers, and the actual Invincible comic. But Kirkman delivers exactly what the readers want this issue, as we see the gory climax of the battle of Invincible vs. Conquest. Conquest continues obliterating Invincible, and actually breaks his other arm. Invincible delivers some classic vengeance too though, as he first breaks Conquest's robotic arm, then proceeds to head-butt Conquest's head into paste. Seriously, there is an entire page of repeated head-butting, making this one of the goriest comics I've ever read. Invincible's arms are hanging by threads at this point and I can't believe Mark Grayson will come out of this unscarred. It does seem that Cecil is back on the scene trying to help out, so I'm actually hoping there is some sort of reconciliation imminent.

SPOILERS ON! I'm thrilled that Kirkman threw us the swerve and didn't kill Atom Eve. She's such a fun part of this book, with such a neat name and look I was really bummed at the thought of her getting killed off. We know Kirkman is willing to kill his characters, but I'm glad he held back this time and didn't rob the book of its fun feeling. Eve's death at this point would have cast a long shadow that would darken the book for months. I dont' think that would have improved the series at all. SPOILERS OFF!

Ryan Ottley nails it once again. The gore is splashy and gross, but still cartoony so that I don't feel sick. Ottley is so good at drawing costumed heroes it is easy to forget how well he draws the ladies. His take on Atom Eve is wonderful, and he handles her scenes in classic comic form here, with some nice Austin Powers placement. I would hope we'll see more from Eve in upcoming issues, but I guess we'll see!


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