Monday, July 20, 2009

Wednesday Comics #1&2

I had planned on picking this up in trade, but I'm afraid I'm too taken with the high concept and the band-wagoning that makes this seem like so much fun. And sure enough, I'm delighted with the presentation of this material, it really does feel like you are whipping out a newspaper. With the images so large and impressive, my daughter is enjoying sitting on my lap and reading along with me.

To review, I'll just lay out the features individually so far:

Batman - Fair but nothing incredible.
Kamandi - Stunningly good. This should be an ongoing.
Superman - Actually feels like a newspaper strip. Not fantastic, but strong.
Deadman - Neat take on a character who deserves the spotlight.
Green Lantern - The art steals the show here, so art-deco and post-modern it's breathtaking.
Metamorpho - Just plain fun.
Teen Titans - I'm not sold on why this made the cut so far...
Strange Adventures - This needs to be an ongoing. Pope is rocking Adam Strange.
Supergirl - My daughter's favorite strip, so it must be doing something right.
Metal Men - The art is so classic looking it makes the story feel "right."
Wonder Woman - Too many words and the art is confusing (I must be a moron).
Sgt. Rock - Again, it "feels" right, like a lost classic.
Flash - The most newspapery of the bunch, but I'm loving it.
Catwoman - This could easily support a miniseries.
Hawkman - Visually stunning and spot-on.


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