Friday, July 31, 2009

Wednesday Comics #4

So I really like the format, the idea, and some of the execution of Wednesday Comics, but I'm afraid there just aren't enough really good stories to keep me buying this. At 3.99 a pop, I need a bit higher ratio of good to average material.

Here's the rundown of my feelings on the features:

  • Batman - fine, but nothing thrilling so far
  • Kamandi - fantastic, the best story in this thing
  • Superman - slow, but beautiful
  • Deadman - fine, but again, nothing thrilling
  • Green Lantern - Not a lot of actual GL in this, is there?
  • Metamorpho - I like the camp, and the art, making this a strong entry
  • Teen Titans - average
  • Strange Adventures - fantastic stuff, I'd buy this monthly
  • Supergirl - amusing, but no real story going on
  • Metal Men - Love the art, story doesn't really have anything to it
  • Wonder Woman - illegible
  • Sgt. Rock - great looking, but not a lot of story
  • Flash - I don't understand what is happening
  • Demon & Catwoman - Actual plot movement and decent art
  • Hawkman - love it, one of the stronger features.
So basically, the only ones I really like are Adam Strange, Hawkman, and Metamorpho. With only one page an issue, the stories just don't have pacing to make 3.99 worthwhile. This was a neat experiment, but for me, I'm afraid it's over.


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