Friday, July 17, 2009

Deadpool #12

Since he came onto the comic-scene, Daniel Way was never one of my favorite writers. I'm going to have to eat my words now though, as his Deadpool comic continues to be well done. Way's Deadpool is silly, but still competent. Sure he's a goofball trying to be amusing, but he beats out Bullseye in this issue fair and square. There is no way to debate who won after this confrontation. In wrestling terms, it is a clean win thatI can't believe Marvel allowed.

I liked the resolution to the feud with Bullseye finally just paying off DP himself. It lets the main players (DP and Norman Osborn) stay strong and yet we still get a satisfying conclusion to the arc. Having Bullseye tell DP that Osborn wouldn't be able to keep it together was also a nice touch. I've seen similar sentiments in a lot of Dark Reign titles and it is fun seeing that even Osborn's closest allies think he's just a few days from a breakdown. This isn't a groundbreaking book, but it keeps DP looking tough and lets him bounce around the Marvel U and into some unique guest stars. That's pretty much what I want from a Deadpool comic.

Paco Medina really sells the humor here. The panel with DP hanging out at a taco stand was well posed. Just from DP's posture it was clearly a setup for Bullseye and Osborn. DP's stunt driving had a sense of fun silliness, yet still effectively took out Bullseye. It was a good snapshot of how DP works these days.


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