Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Captain Britain & MI13 #15

Wow. What a bummer. Not that this issue was bad, but that this is the last time we'll get to ride along with Paul Cornell's unpredictable and smart super-hero comic.

So it turns out that Pete Wisdom had a plan that was actually a step ahead of the brilliant strategist Dracula. I won't ruin it, but once again, just like with the Plotka elements a few months ago, this fits in perfectly with what we saw in the last few issues and gives our protagonists a clean win through good, solid preparation. In a play on the old "who would win in a fight?" game, maybe Wisdom could give Batman a run for his money if he knew the fight was coming? It certainly seems so here.

Captain Britain and Meggan/Gloriana get a wonderful reunion that strengthen's both characters, restores status quo, and put a smile on my face. I was really excited to see old Marvel UK character's showing up to take on the vamps. In addition to the SAS, we got Dark Angel, Digitek, and Death's Head, yes! Man, I used to LOVE Death's Head! My only complaint in the issue was how quickly Black Knight got taken out by Dracula, when Excalibur (a less-experienced sword-fighter) then took Drac out so quickly. As a Black Knight fan, I'll pretend that the story had to be compressed to wrap up in one issue, but maybe BK would have done a bit better with more pages. Cornell closes the series brilliantly with a "you have been watching" and a little goodbye scene for the core cast. Fantastic stuff. I will now be watching for whatever Cornell does next.

Leonard Kirk delivers another solid issue, with the normal standouts; Black Knight's armor, the exploding vampires, and his scene-setting for both the surprise appearances and finale were great. This was a fantastic series. I actually pity all the folks who never got to see it.



Mayor McCheeseSteak said...

I was so sad at the end of this issue. Such a wonderful book, with a great unique voice. Terrible shame that Marvel can't find some way to keep it around, but can find room for 30 books a month starring Wolverine.

Martin Gray said...

I'm with the Mayor, this was something different, and good. I still love that Tangerine/Mandarin line.