Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Secret Six #11

The awful moral conflicts that Gail Simone set up last issue sure don't take long to boil over, as the Secret Six come to blows over whether or not to keep working as security for a super-jail in the tropics. As an aside, I'm not sure there is any other super-team in existence with this many inter-team fights this early in the series. I think these guys have fought each other 3 times by now, and that may be low... although Hawkeye used to take swings at his teammates in the Avengers, but that took like 60 issues.

In any case, Scandal, Bane, and Jeannette decide they morally can't go along with the whole slaving idea, while Catman, Deadshot, and Ragdoll are ok with it. What I love about the book is how quickly these alliances can shift too, since I'm reasonably certain the split was different last time. As a Bane fan, I loved seeing him face off against Catman, with Catman saying something like "You never fit in," of course, once Bane starts swinging, Catman isn't quite as confident, is he? The fight is well done, but the real shocker comes with Wonder Woman's arrival at the close of the issue. It seems Artemis, already a prisoner of the slavers, has died from her constant beatings and drugging. Wonder Woman is justifiably ticked, and she's out to find out who's responsible. Is Jeannette more evil than she seems?

Nicola Scott's wonderful facial expressions are on display again here, as she gives both the stars and the guests unique looks. This is a fantastic comic.


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