Thursday, July 2, 2009

Captain America: Reborn #1

Ed Brubaker brings in more of the Marvel U than I expected in the premiere issue of Reborn. We have Falcon, Bucky, and Black Widow, as expected, but it seems the Vision and Hank Pym will be involved in the story too. Factor in an ambush by Ares and Venom of the Dark Avengers and we have a book that ties in much more to Dark Reign and the modern Marvel Universe than I would have expected. Overall, the story kind of recaps the big reveal of Cap #600, that the gun that shot Cap was some sort of weirdo science-gun, and Hank Pym wants to bring in Mr. Fantastic to help him look at it. It seems that Cap has become "unstuck" in time, bouncing around and experiencing different eras of his life over again. I was really hoping that my prediction that Cap had been sent back to the 1602 story would be correct, but it seems not. We see Cap engaged in a few WWII battles and a scene of him as a child. There is nothing riveting in the scenes, but it was nice seeing Rogers back "alive."

I think the concept is a little close to the last season of LOST, what with Sharon Carter as his "constant" and a few other time-travel things. But I will give Brubaker credit that he's sticking with his plan. The Cap 1-shot dealing with Doom's time platform set this all up way before Cap got killed. There isn't a ton to go crazy over here, but I remain excited at the idea of Steve Rogers' return.

The art looks a lot more like Butch Guice than Bryan Hitch to me, with the exception of a few panels. I think Hitch is doing layouts and spending more time on some of the exciting WWII set-pieces, while Guice is "finishing" the rest of the book.


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