Monday, July 27, 2009

Power Girl #3

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray are turning in a consistently fun title. This comic won't make you re-think how you feel about comics or anything like that, but it is just fun watching PG smash a giant ape around for 3 issues.

There are a few confusing elements to the story, like the horrible burns that the Ultra-Humanite suffers while fighting PG. I think the giant white-gorilla body is one of the neatest looks for the Humanite, so I wasn't thrilled to see him burned into a gross scarred mess. I'm not too worried since we don't know where things will go from here for the character though. I also wasn't exactly clear on the 20,000 leagues deal with the gigantic organ. Again, not a huge problem, it just wasn't something that I would have expected for the character. I did enjoy the whole sequence where PG is trying to get the gigantic spacecraft away from New York. I liked seeing some time devoted to cleaning up after the villain's plot, that seems like it would be half the problem in most fights.

Amanda Conner's pencils are as cartoony and fun as always. I really like the balance of silliness and standard super-heroics she is always able to strike. Check out how PG is carrying the giant ship at the end. It's a non-heroic pose while she's doing a pretty standard super-hero rescue!



Mart said...

I think you were supposed to be surprised by the gorilla's massive organ, as Peege was.

What I liked best about this issue was Karen's huge compassion for the nasty old gorilla.

I hope the burns pave the way for the return of Delores Winter.

Timbotron said...

Dense = me. I totally missed the organ joke. That's funny.