Thursday, July 2, 2009

Batman & Robin #2

I'm loving Grant Morrison's straight-forward approach to superheroics. He's still doing some weird stuff, especially with the excellent Circus of the Strange character designs, but for the most part this is a fairly simple, accessible story. The issue opens with Alfred giving Grayson a pep talk after Damian snootily walks out. Grayson is second-guessing his ability to fill-in as Batman, and Alfred gives him a great reminder, that as a performer, Grayson should consider "Batman" as his greatest role. It's a neat idea and gives Grayson a neat and unique approach to super-heroics. The issue closes with Damian going up against the horrific Mr. Pyg, so I hope Grayson gets there in time. As a side note, I really hope that Mr. Toad isn't dead. He's a fun new character that fits in perfectly to Batman's world, so I really want to see more of him. Any excuse for Morrison to use his crazy circus-cant is ok by me!

Frank Quitely is tearing this up. His small changes to drawing Batman make the book so much fun. I love the hanging-style cape, the way it looks so heavy on Grayson's back, is new and unique. Quitely draws Grayson as a different style fighter than Bruce too, with Grayson flying through the air and bouncing around, it is clear we are watching an acrobat. And the quad-cycle looks awesome. Cool stuff.


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