Monday, July 13, 2009

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #1

I like Deadpool. I like jokes. But I'm getting kind of over-exposed on the disposable DP plots. At this point, there have been so many throwaway stories about DP taking jobs that I just can't take this very seriously. If the zombie Deadpool-head ends up being a driving force in this comic, it may end up having some unique qualities. As is, this feels too much like every other DP story we've gotten since Daniel Way re-designed the character's thought process.

AIM hires DP to head into the Savage Land to retrieve the zombie head, and DP meets up with a hot AIM agent, Ka-Zar, and some cavemen as he makes his way to the target. The action is pretty generic as DP faces off against faceless hordes of cavemen, which is always a bad sign in premiere issues. I've long thought that series with first issues featuring generic ninjas, robots, or zombies were off to a bad start. It usually means the writer doesn't actually have a whole lot of ideas for the series other than cool action shots of the hero shooting disposable fodder. I don't think Victor Gischler is falling into that trap yet, they are cavemen after all, so that is a bit different. But there just isn't enough different for me to be fired up about this book.

Bong Dazo does a decent job on everything except Ka-Zar, who looks weird and pretty-boyish. He draws nice ladies and his Deadpool sells the jokes, but the cavemen ended up pretty generic looking.


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