Friday, July 10, 2009

Final Crisis Aftermath: Run #3

This is the last Final Crisis series standing for me, as I'm not picking up any more of the others. Matt Sturges is winning me over with his crazy pacing and great dialogue. I don't like Human Flame any more than I have in previous issues, but Sturges is so good at dealing with all the surrounding characters that I can't help but get caught up in the action. The Human Flame isn't interested in being a pawn of Immortus, and so he of course busts loose from the gang of losers he was forced to join last issue. Before that happens, there is a great battle sequence with the losers going up against the US Army. Condiment King yelling out mustard-related threats and Imposter in the uniform of another branch of the service were one thing, but Clayface's appearance was awesome. Clayface was a bruising force of nature. It was great watching him mock and threaten the Flame. The high point of the issue is actually when the Army is carting Clayface away and he yells back to the JLAers "See you around Losers! Tell Human Flame I said to eat it!" That casual jerkiness is missing in way too many bad guys these days! I liked Angel Dust too, she's a generic looking character but her manic dialogue was quite fun.

Freddie Williams III has that nice cartoony style that is working well on parts of the story, especially the JLA and the more "heroic" aspects of the book. I'm not sure if the Flame is supposed to be out of shape or not in his new form, since he looks buff but thinks about how he is out of shape.


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Martin Gray said...

Sounds OK but I'm still not sorry I bailed after #1. Is that Angel Dust in the illo? It looks a tad unfinished.