Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Aliens #2

Hmm. John Arcudi is trying to build a human mystery around the snarling aliens to keep up our interest, but for me it isn't quite working. After having the whole cast slaughtered last month, one pulls himself out of the grave and stand revealed as an android. At least, I think that is what's going on, since the coloring makes it a tad unclear if that's how the protagonist managed to survive a headshot. That's the only way that makes sense to me, so I'll assume he's not human. After preparing to leave (and talking to himself a lot) the android gets a distress call from a canyon where some survivors seem to be hiding from the aliens. The droid heads out to help them, stopping along the way to shoot and blow up some aliens. He comments how these aliens are configured a bit differently than those he's familiar with, so it seems the humans in this comic are aware of the double-jawed terrors. I suppose it shouldn't be surprising how easily he takes out a handful of aliens, but they weren't much more than fodder in the fights. That's tough billing for the title characters of the series. There's some closing weirdness with some survivors who look like last issue's murderer's, but I'm not really invested enough in any of the characters to see how this one turns out. I think this is my last issue.

The pencils are split by Zack Howard and Gabriel Andrade. The two artists do a good job making the book look seamless though, since I never really noticed a big change in style. Their alien designs are pretty fun, with some neat side mandibles and weird red-coloring.


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