Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Green Arrow/Black Canary #22

Wow. That is some stilted dialogue. I just don't understand how Andrew Kriesberg has destroyed Black Canary and Green Arrow's heroic nature so quickly. Green Arrow is now teaming up with the vicious villain Cupid, and when the two of them confront a murderer, he just might have allowed her to kill him. Black Canary is directly responsible for creating her new villain, Discord, with her careless actions a few issues ago when she deafened a talented musician. Neither of the title characters seem like people I want to follow here. They seem like they have become about as effective as Red Arrow, which is a damning statement for me.

The flashbacks to Dinah's childhood are... suprising. Not that Dinah and Wildcat teamed up, but that she and Wildcat talked with the flowery, philosophical language that they did. It's really awkward stuff, and it actually made me laugh when Black Canary actually said "Because I know now that will be my life. Maybe I've always known. It will be brutal. And terrifying." It goes on like that. That is just... wow.

Mike Norton's clean pencils tell the story clearly, like they always do. Discord's design is nowhere near as inspired as Cupid's, but they can't all be winners.


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StevenW said...

This book sucks and Norton's talent could be used elsewhere. What happened to the Black Canary that I grew to love in BIRDS OF PREY?