Monday, December 8, 2008

Young Liars #1-9

David Lapham is insane. Or I am. Either way, I don't entirely understand anything that happens in this comic, but I love it. The mad ideas, the almost random plot, Lapham is writing a book that any fan of Grant Morrison should check out. When this series started I feared it was just a gathering of stereotypes, but in the 9 issues so far, the characters have gone so bonkers I don't think you can say that anymore. The story is insane, with the Earth possibly invaded by spider-aliens, or not. Midget Pinkertons are searching for the missing daughter of a big box billionare pervert. The narrator had his equipment chopped off. I mean, this book is nuts! But good nuts! We may just be following a group of neurotic New Yorkers, or we could be watching a battle to save the world.

Young Liars should be the headliner of Vertigo. (Maybe #2 after Fables.) If you are looking for the madness of Preacher but not finding it, check this book out. I'm following it in trades and loving it! Honestly, I can barely do a description justice, that's how full of crazy and interesting ideas this title is. Be warned, there is a fair amount of mature material here, the perversion of the villains is pretty expansively portrayed.

Lapham's art is still kinetic and fascinating. I've loved his work since his Valiant days. He's one of the best writer-artists in the business, and I don't think anyone else could channel this crazy story the way he can.


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