Tuesday, December 9, 2008

X-Men: Blinded by the Light TPB

I'm loving Mike Carey's take on the X-Men. This second trade features the dismantling of Rogue's strikeforce. We've got one corruption, multiple traitors, and Rogue herself still totally out of it. This whole trade is basically the Iceman and Cannonball show. It's neat seeing these two B-listers getting to headline a story. There's a fair amount of other X-Men (both classic and New), and it seems Carey is a big fan of White Queen, she does a lot. The story follows Rogue's strike team as they are ambushed by the Marauders. The classic Marauders are there, but they've added Sunfire, Random, Gambit, Exodus, and the acolytes, making them one heck of a team. It seems Random and Gambit are not pleased about working with Sinister, but they're doing it for some secret reason (probably Messiah Complex related). Carey spends a lot of time building up Iceman, both personally in his relationship with Mystique, and powers-wise as he amps Bobby's abilities through the roof. He's got to be a top 10 mutant now. I'm really pleased the X-books are so good. I'm way behind as I work through these trades, but it seems like it is a good time to be an X-fan.

Humberto Ramos isn't my favorite artist, his exaggerated features can be distracting. But there is no doubt his energy is off the charts. He draws great combat and sometimes his huge eyed faces really work to sell a dramatic moment. Mike Choi draws the epilogue, and I'm really impressed by his art. The detail is incredible. Mystique's red hair and blue skin look really fantastic, and Beast's lion form actually looks neat.


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