Saturday, December 20, 2008

X-Men Legacy: Divided He Stands TPB

Mike Carey is rolling. I never really liked Professor X. He was creepy, bald, and had an ill-defined power that seemed to do whatever was necessary in that particular story. Cyclops was always a much better leader than the Prof. So here I am, enjoying the heck out of a trade that is essentially Charles Xavier reliving his past to redefine himself. It's good! The mystery of Almagordo, the military base where Charles and the Juggernaut grew up is an interesting one. Adding Mr. Sinister into the equation is pretty darn creepy. Exodus and the acolytes were well-written too, I found the disdain they held for their old leader Magneto to be fascinating. Now that he's a flat-scan, they have no time for him. As the book moves on, assassins show up trying to kill the Professor. Gambit shows up with a timely save, and then agrees to stick around and accompany him on his quest of rediscovery. What an interesting pair to have as your leads, Gambit and Professor X! The comic uses the history of the X-universe to great effect, with neat flashbacks to the Professor's greatest hits (and misses).

Scot Eaton draws the present portion of the book, with a cast of all-stars drawing the flashbacks. He does a great job with the acolytes in particular. We've got John Romita Jr., Brandon Peterson, Billy Tan, and more drawing these memories. The book looks great.


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