Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Invincible #57 & Astounding Wolfman #11

This little Kirkman 2 parter was pretty fun, but probably has more of an impact on Wolfman than on Invincible. Cecil convinces Invincible to take in Wolfman. In a nice turn, Invincible actually listens when Wolfman tries to explain himself. After taking Wolfman in to explain himself, the two of them go on the run again when Cecil claims he can't cover up Wolfman's past and use him. I thought the high point of the story was the confrontation with the Guardians of the Globe. The team seems a little hollow with its reduced lineup, but it was still pretty fun seeing Invincible mop the floor with them. Shapesmith has a pretty funny line about how he used to think Invincible was cool, which was pretty funny.

As a two parter, it was entertaining. I think it is more of an attempt to get new readers for the Wolfman title carrying over from Invincible. I probably won't stick around, but I did enjoy the little team up, and it is always nice seeing Invincible be a reasonable guy and talk it out with a new buddy. Nothing Earth-shaking, but entertaining enough.

The art on both was good, as always. Jason Howard (Wolfman) has a style that actually looks pretty good with Ryan Ottley's Invincible-verse. The Guardians looked a little on the young side, but other than that everyone looked good. While I won't seek out Wolfman issues, I'll definitely look out for neat teamup issues and grab those.


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