Thursday, December 4, 2008

Justice Society of America #21

Man! It took us long enough to get here, but I'm thrilled to see the JSA standing up for themselves to Gog, finally. Gog forced a confrontation in last week's special when he asked that the more pro-active JSA'ers kneel, but they aren't having it. Magog is the only one who goes along, and he even he comes around in the end. Gog shows his true colors in this one, telling the Society how only those who worship him have a place in his new world. And if he can't have it, he'll destroy it. It was predictable as all heck, but well handled in this issue. The best part was Hawkman's contingent turning right around and going against Gog when it became clear they had to. Citizen Steel is the narrator, and probably the most tempted to follow Gog, but he shows his heroic nature. Gog shows his vengeful side as he restores the status quo to those Society members that he had "helped" in previous issues. Think Damage is going to lose it? I do. Geoff Johns does a great job in this issue. This is the type of story I expect from him. The meandering, wandering narrative of the past 12 months has robbed the story of a lot of its momentum, but it may end strong after all.

Dale Eaglesham's art is great. Two panels in particular stick out, the first when Magog gets blasted in the face by Superman, shattering his helmet. The second when Gog takes back Magog's gift. That was some great emotion and pain in David Reid's face. The question is, is he dying again?


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Anonymous said...

cool spoilers.
I was hoping for a more detailed description but I liked the analysis as well.
Can't wait to read it... whenever it gets here...