Saturday, December 6, 2008

Iron Man: Director of SHIELD #35

Dang. Another fantastic issue. It is amusing reading this in the same sitting as the newest issue of She-Hulk, since both books feature the Winter Guard coming around and helping each series' protagonist. At least we're getting fairly consistent charicterization. Again, I don't know who the new Red Guardian or Darkstar are though, and what happened to Perun, Vostok, and Vanguard? And didn't they have a sorceress type on the team too?

This issue has more great War Machine action, with him using all sorts of weaponry to blow the Skrulls out of the sky. Suzi Endo is a pretty fun sidekick, and having her operate from orbit in a War Machine-based satellite is a pretty cool idea. The main thrust of this story is to drill in how Rhodey is a man of principles. As far as core concepts go, it's not Earth-shattering, but I think it is strong enough for me to follow him into his new ongoing series. Heck, I bought the awful 90s series where he was in the alien parasite armor, so of course I'll read his new one in his cool suit. As I've said before, I hope we get the gigantic evil War Machine showing up fairly soon. Christos Gage really set up Rhodey as a great hero in these few issues, these are some great Marvel comics.

Sean Chen's artwork is out of this world. He is one of my favorite artists to start with, but he draws Iron Man better than almost everyone else. I'd say only Bob Layton can give him a run for the money drawing shell-head (or War Machine, of course).


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