Sunday, December 14, 2008

Invincible #56

Kirkman is keeping Invincible interesting. First of all, I'm amazed by the fast scheduling, it is great getting this book regularly. This issue we get back to Invincible and Atom Eve, a few hours after we left them. The book has some nice relationship stuff with Mark and Eve, but the main plot moves along nicely too. Oliver is trying to be his own hero and faces down another odd-ball supervillain. But even better, Oliver spots the floating camera that's been following them. So Angstrom Levy may be on borrowed time if the Grayson brothers are on to them. Good stuff. This was a middle-story issue, so there were no crazy developments, but it was still entertaining. Mark is forced to test the limits of his anger when dealing with an abusive dude, but he's so wracked with guilt, I think the clear message is that he won't let anger get the better of him like Oliver seems to. Oliver is still likable too, he means well, but he's not a normal kid either. Very unique dynamics in this book.

Ryan Ottley's art is always great. The design of the new villain is ridiculous but great, like so many of the Invincible villains.


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